Messages from Graduates

Yukie Nogami, 1st year student, Graduate School of International Health Development

2010_2The reason I chose the Graduate School of International Health Development is because it is a multidisciplinary program that cultivates practical human resources, and because there are teachers with ample field experiences in Asia and Africa. After working at a hospital as a nurse, I participated in the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) in the Republic of Ghana as a public health nurse. While helping out at a rural healthcare center, I became involved with school healthcare education and training of traditional midwives, and realized how the status of healthcare in these districts are influenced by so many elements including public policies, poverty, the environment, and culture. Right now, in my first semester of my first year, I am attending courses in various fields, finding clues to the unanswered questions I had during my JOCV activities, and learning and realizing new things every day. In my first semester, there will be the short-term field training as well as applied courses in international healthcare policies, management, etc., and I expect to learn many things that will help in my future practice. Nagasaki has much history, and is a great environment to be in. I intend to fully utilize these two advantageous years to improve myself and find my future path.