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Makiko Iijima

2014_5We often do not understand what is happening in front of our eyes. There are things that you cannot understand and there are people who will try not to understand. We live in such a world. It is sad but true. However, I still want to try to understand. The bottom line is that I want to understand and learn, even when I’m told I won’t understand. The world is vast and small at the same time. Regardless of the fact that there are differences and things are disjointed, how can I make things better? What do I need to understand in order to find an answer that works for a given area? I believe everything depends on my own imagination. For that, I just have to venture to various places. This graduate school was a major step in that direction. There, I found many people, including instructors, who were struggling and contemplating with the same issues. Although groping in the dark, they were full of life. It made me think that life is fun because it is confusing. I felt much better knowing there are people who complain, but can rise above it.You cannot see what the next move is until you make the move.(WHO Vietnam Office: EPI consultant)