Career After Graduation

Tropical Medicine Course


Médecins Sans Frontières

【Japanese and foreign government agencies】

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Japan),Japan Self-Defense Forces, Ministry of Health (Dominican Republic)

【Universities, research institutions (education,research positions)】

University of Kinshasa (DR Congo), Nagasaki University, Centre de Recherche en Santé de Nouna, Manila School of Health Sciences in Leyte (Philippines), Fukushima Medical University, Mandalay University (Myanmar), Hokkaido University

【Medical Institutions】

NAGASAKI University Hospital

【Further Studies】

Doctoral program, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Nagasaki University Graduate schools overseas, Doctoral Programme, School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health


Domestic medical institutions, laboratories

International Health Development Course

【International organizations】

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Country Office (Kenya) World Health Organization (WHO) Country Office (Vietnam)

【Domestic and Foreign Government Agencies】

Ministry of Environment (Japan) , Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Japan) , Ghana Health Service(Ghana), National Health Insurance Authority(Ghana), Social Security Board Head Office (Myanmar), Ministry of Health and and Sports (Myanmar)


Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Technical Cooperation Experts (Kenya, Sri Lankaria, Nicaragua, Jordan, Bangladesh),Research Fellow on Disability, Education, and Development (JICA Research Institute),Healthcare Administrator (Kansai International Center, Micronesia branch)Domestic Healthcare Administrator (JICA Headquarters)Citizen Participation Coordinator (Tokyo International Center)Part-time Specialists (Kyushu International Center)Healthcare Planning Researcher (Kenya office), Junior Specialist (Headquarters Operations, Health and Medical Field)

【Development consultants and/or think tanks】

IC Net Limited, Ipsos in Japan, International Development Center of Japan Incorporated (IDCJ),International Techno Center Co.,Ltd., Fujita Planning Co., Ltd. Global Link Management Inc.,System Science Consultants Ltd., FASID


ICAN (Philippines), ADRA Japan, AAR Association to support refugees (Zambia, Tajikistan),Okinawa Nursing Association, Anti-Tuberculosis Association (Zambia), Kansai InternationalCouncil, Médicins Sans Frontiers (Armenia, Nigeria), Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation, SHARE (East Timor, Cambodia),JOICFP(Ghana, Vietnam, Zambia) Save the children Japan (Myanmar), Child Doctor, Kenya(Kenya), Child Fund Japan (Nepal), TICO (Zambia), HANDS, People of Japan (Myanmar),Bridge Asia Japan (Myanmar), Medical Action (Myanmar)

【Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV)】

Infection Disease Control measures (Nicaragua),Public Health (Malawi),Midwife (Cambodia)

【Universities, research organizations (education, research positions)】

Kitasato University, International University of Health and Welfare, National Cancer Center,National Institute of Health and Nutrition, Seinan Jogakuin University, St. Luke’s International University, Nagasaki University, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Nairobi Research Station, Fukushima Medical University,Yokkaichi Nursing and Medical Care University

【Private Enterprises】

Eisai Co., Ltd., Saraya manufacturing (U) Ltd (Japan, Uganda)

【Medical Institutions】

Fukuoka Red Cross Hospital (Bangladesh)

【Further Studies】

Doctoral Course, Tsukuba University,Doctoral Course, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Nagasaki University,The Graduate School of Medicine, Doctoral Programme, School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health, University of the Ryukus,Overseas Graduate Schools


Medical staff (doctors, nurses, midwives, public health nurses, and pharmacists),Geriatric Health Care Institution (physical therapists), Clinical Educator, Embassy of Japan inSri Lanka, University administrative staff, Local government (public health nurses)

Health Innovation Course

【Japanese and foreign government agencies】

National Center for Research in Rural Health(Guinea)

【Universities, research organizations (education, research positions)】

Nagasaki University

【Further Studies】

Doctoral Programme, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Nagasaki University, Doctoral Programme, School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health


Hitachi Transport System, Ltd.

Above is a list of the career paths that graduates have embarked on since the 2010 academic year (including those
who have started their next, or new job, because the end of their term of employment coincided with completion
of the course).