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Kyoko Inoue

graduates7Since completing my studies at the graduate school, I have been working as a clinical researcher in a public hospital located in a small city in Eastern Uganda alongside local NGOs and research organizations from the UK. Although I am trying my utmost to put into use the knowledge and experience I acquired from graduate school, and to open myself to new findings, there are many questions and challenges I face in the field every day.

I have come to the realization that simply applying practical knowledge to real life situations in the field is not enough. Aside from our work, professionals with knowledge and skills relating to international public health must also use what we know to maintain safe and healthy lives while living in developing countries.  During my graduate school internship program to Nairobi, Kenya, I experienced first-hand the dangers of terrorism, so now I put great effort into keeping my mind calm and stable so that I can assess various international situations accurately.

Whenever I feel lost or anxious about my current situation, messages from my friends who are also working all over the world, and remembering the words from my graduate school professors encourage me and give me the strength to go forward. (214words)

(Researcher in private companies, Saraya Co.,Ltd, Saraya East Africa Co.,Ltd ,Uganda, Public Health Expert in The Overseas Human Resources and Industry Association: HIDA, Uganda)

Rahman Birdi Zabihullah

graduates2This is my first experience conducting a medical study.

I Nagasaki, I learned about the important processes of how to formulate a study. Afterwards, the study itself was carried out in a regional hospital in Afghanistan. I managed to enroll more than 500 children with a diagnosis of pneumonia and now I am analyzing the collected samples and data.

This will be one of the first research studies which will provide useful information for the prevention and treatment of childhood pneumonia in Afghanistan.

I am deeply grateful for the support of my supervisor, Prof. Koya Ariyoshi, Head of the Department of Clinical Medicine at NEKKEN.