Messages from Graduates

Kanako Koyama, 2nd year student, Graduate School of International Health Development

2010_4Participation in Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers triggered in me an interest toward people’s health, and this is why I am now here earning my MPH. My first year consisted of stuffing myself full of knowledge every day, and I was still anxious as to how much I had actually attained when I took off to my internship in my second year. And now, being on-site is such an excitement. One can learn much just by tagging along with specialists, and gain firsthand feel of the way projects are moving. What I have seen and felt on-site, and the knowledge I have crammed into my head are mixing and churning, trying to create something new. I am struggling every day, but am also being helped through letters from my classmates who are somewhere in this world as well as the people related to the projects. There is much to be absorbed every day.