Messages from Graduates

Junichi Tanaka, 2nd year student, Graduate School of International Health Development

2010_52005. At the time, I was working as a nurse in the emergency room. On hospital orders, I experienced disaster medical care support in Pakistan, where an earthquake had occurred. This triggered my interest in developing countries, and enabled me to realize first-hand the importance of healthcare and public hygiene. That’s why I decided to come to this Graduate School. What attracts me to this Graduate School is that the period of practical training in the form of internship is very long. For those who aim to work on-site, a program that allows students to learn and work at the same time as an intern is a dream come true. Currently, I am interning at TICO, a Japanese NGO, through JICA, and am getting to experience such various things. I am satisfied with my fulfilling days. Another great thing about this Graduate School is that it teaches about international healthcare in Japanese. This is a plus for both speakers and non-speakers of English. (I regret to admit that I am the latter…) Further, in the classroom lectures concentrated in the first year, international lecturers come from overseas to teach international healthcare in English. Such an opportunity is another plus of this Graduate School.