Messages from Graduates

Akiko Nagata, 2nd year student, Graduate School of International Health Development

2010_6Hello. I am currently in Tanzania, doing my second-year internship program as a GTZ intern at one of the project sites under the healthcare program with German bilateral assistance. I am experiencing many things with the help of so many people. In the second half of my internship, I plan to move my field to a rural area for my themed research. The curriculum of this Graduate School provides lectures from professors who study healthcare and medicine as well as communities and societies from various perspectives, and sets up an environment where even a research beginner like me can receive careful, step-by-step instruction. There is also a strong team of university staffers who support this curriculum. This enables students to design their two-year studies according to their capabilities and needs, and to concentrate on executing such design. This is a great aspect of this Graduate School. I do admit that in some points, the Graduate School falls behind some graduate schools in other countries or in metropolitan parts of Japan, but this Graduate School offers different values to its students. I am enjoying my studies here. Karibu sana. P.S.: Nagasaki has a wealth of great fish and shochu.