Messages from Graduates

Nahoko Miyamoto Graduate School of International Health Development, Completion March 2010

2010_8When I was working at a school for disabled children in Fiji with the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, I saw with my own eyes the dire need that the local people have toward living a healthy life, regardless of whether they are disabled or not. My desire to do something about this is what brought me to this Graduate School.
Being among classmates with medical backgrounds, I worried about what I could do in this field, and during classes on medical subjects, I had many questions filling my head. It was a difficult first year for me.
In my second year, I interned with the Nagasaki University Overseas Research Station Fijian Branch/JICA Project for Strengthening EPI in the Pacific Region, where I received practical training, and then conducted investigation and research on “Factors influencing the uptake of childhood immunization in Fiji.” Being on-site involved with international cooperation for eight months was a valuable experience, enabling me to see the reality of good things, things that need improvement, and how powerless I am.
Right now I work as an NPO employee in Tajikistan, which is in Central Asia, where I create ideas, manage projects, etc. in the fields of support for disabled persons and healthcare. The days spent with my classmates at the Graduate School with the support of the professors and office staff were mind-boggling. With this memory close to my heart, I intend to fulfill my responsibilities in this new environment.