Messages from Graduates

Kota Yoshioka Graduate School of International Health Development, Completion March 2010

The menu of a pizza place lists many different kinds of pizza, like Margherita, Hawaiian, etc. They all look good, so a little taste of everything…
The Graduate School of International Health Development is just like this: a mixed pizza. Tropical Medicine, Maternal and Child Health, Project and Program Management, Cultural-Medical Anthropology, economics… It’s nice to taste so many different things, but the stomach can only take one bite of each.
So after taking one bite, what do I do with it?
The difficulty of this Graduate School is in creating your own panoramic view by putting the pieces of studies together. To do this, you must ask yourself “what can this field of study do? What can it not do?” and then discern the scope of the field. In particular, “what it cannot do” is something that university professors rarely teach.
If you order a mixed pizza and you get a jumble of Margherita and Hawaiian toppings, it probably won’t taste so good. If on the same pizza dough, the toppings should be separated. This way, you can enjoy the taste you want, when you want it.