Messages from Graduates

Mariko Niino 1st year student, Graduate School of International Health Development

2012_2I have always wanted to work abroad. I participated as a nurse in Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers in Laos after working in a hospital as a nurse for six years. After I came back to Japan, I was hesitant about choosing to go on to a graduate school for nursing. However, I learned from my experience in Laos that health problems consist of various factors having social, economic, and cultural aspects. Considering this, I decided that I want to learn about how to create a health system in an area where many people have health problems and how to improve the health level of a whole region. I have heard that professors at Nagasaki University have specialized knowledge and vast experience, as well as being active, not only on campus, but also internationally, in various regions. I applied for this school to have a good learning experience in order to prepare myself to work in the international health field. At this graduate school, I have met many people who have a similar wish and it has been a great experience so far. I would like to make the two years a great learning experience while ppreciating the great teachers and classmates whom I am able to meet.