Messages from Graduates

Naomi Amaike 2nd year student, Graduate School of International Health Development

2012_4People can make a decision, have the courage to throw away what they have, and can change their beliefs to accept new concepts because of their will‐defined fundamental beliefs During my experience as a nurse in Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, I had many opportunities to describe my surroundings using my personal awareness, my field senses, and my sympathy . Here, on the other hand, I have many opportunities to train myself to view a
situation calmly from various points of view. I am active in Kenya and am seeing the connections among various things that I have been feeling while learning the basics of various academic subjects at this school.
I have heard that only in Japan and South America, public health is taught in the major language spoken in the country(Japanese for Japan and Spanish for South American countries). Although language is an obstacle in the actual field, one of the reasons that we can understand public health more deeply and acquire the necessary knowledge is that classes are not taught in a foreign language, such as English. However, this school offers an internship program where we can learn closely from strong professors. It is a great opportunity, not only in terms of language, but also as a review of the knowledge we acquired in the classroom through actual experience. In the process of applying first‐year classroom knowledge, we have the chance to put knowledge to use by selecting, judging, and applying it to actual circumstances in a way that maximizes our abilities. I would like to learn various things from the internship process, and so gain confidence and increase my communication abilities.