Messages from Graduates

Yoshimi Tsuchiya 2nd year student, Graduate School of International Health Development

2012_5Hello. It has been a week since I started my long‐term internship in the provincial department of health in Laos. Although it has been a short time, I had many moments when I realized that what I have learned in my first year is useful. This school offers lectures in a wide variety of fields in small classes. It is a wonderful environment where we can ask questions and talk about our concerns with experienced professors. I have never previously had any experience related to public health. I had some worries about whether I would be able to apply what I have learned in practice while I was learning the wide variety of subjects at this school. However, now that I am actually in the field, I realize that I have more perspectives than previously. I often notice that what I am seeing is related to what my professors have said and what was written in the material that was given. Because of these things, I can actually “compare what I see in front of my eyes to other events”. Of course, what I need to produce from this is a challenge for me, and I am in the midst of training right now. I
truly wish that I could give something in return every time I sense the warmth of my professors in Nagasaki and here. I would like to maximize this opportunity as a student and do what I can during this time.