Messages from Graduates

Shoichi Masumoto 2nd year student, Graduate School of International Health Development

2012_6I started at this school after working as a physician for five years in Japan. Since the first and second training to be a physician was so busy, this next two years seems like such a luxurious time. Right now, I can spend time studying things that I want to learn and receive guidance from professors who are specialized in various fields. What I take from this is up to me, but it has been an eye‐opening experience every day to encounter various perspectives for the first time. Also, the curriculum, with its heavy emphasis on the field, which this school offers is very attractive. Since I did not have any experience working in a developing country, it was quite significant for me to experience the public health system and development situation of Bangladesh during my short‐term field trip. From April 2012, I will start the long‐term internship in the Philippines. This internship program during the second year is a major selling point for this graduate school. I am very excited that it will impact me greatly going forward. After graduation, I hope that I can return something to society from these two years of experience.