Messages from Graduates

Makiko Iijima, graduated in March 2012

2012_6Before I started at this school, I felt like the world was full of things that I did not know. After I graduated, I still do not know anything about the world. I feel like the world that I do not know has expanded. Many different types of people have completely different awarenesses. Even with those differences, the world keeps going.
That is it. But that is why it is interesting. I want to know more. I want to explore the things that are not going well. At Nagasaki University, there are many interesting people, both students and professors. The past two years seemed like a small project with a group of 11 students with an aim to trying to obtaining MPH degrees. It was a valuable experience to be able to meet and talk to people who live in a completely different region than me.
There are various perspectives in this unknown world, and we all have to live in different places while believing in ourselves. However, whether or not we know about these perspectives makes a huge difference. I have gained some hints on what I need to think about and what to believe and with what goal in this world from everyone I met in the past two years, and I was able to move forward a bit. With this in mind, I am thinking what I am going to do next.