Messages from Graduates

Eriko Sasaki, graduated in March 2012

2012_7Because of my experience as a pharmacist in Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, I decided to come to this school to acquire
a comprehensive perspective. I studied very hard for the past two years. The classes were very interesting. I remember that I was completely drawn into the enthusiastic and realistic lectures. It was difficult because I needed to learn from various fields, but I feel a sense of accomplishment. I conducted research activities during the long‐term internship, which is one of the aspects of this school. My research was to measure the level of understanding of pediatric medical care among parents in Malawi. It started with going through the local ethics committee, and went on to the hiring of research assistants and data collection in the field. Throughout the whole process, I was supported by the professors, office staff, and the local joint researcher. Though difficult, it was a fulfilling and valuable experience for me. At the same time, I was able to find answers to the questions that I had in mind as a volunteer and got to know the enjoyment of research.
It is an asset for me to spend the two years studying with unique students while we helped one another, and I have gained a broad and objective view of situations from various angles. I would like to keep on trying hard and open up opportunities for the future.