Messages from Graduates

Mayo Ono, graduated in March 2012

2012_8One of the most valuable things that I experienced during the two years of the master’s program was the acquiring of the perspective of cultural and medical anthropology. Prior to my enrollment in this graduate school, I forced my values upon the local people where I implemented my project and felt irritated that things did not go as I expected. There are various cultures in the world, and they change over time. If the project does not suit the culture, lives, and customs of the people, it will not be accepted, or may even worsen the situation. When I went to Kenya during my second year to do field research and an internship on a project related to maternal and child health, the aforementioned perspective that I learned during my first year was very useful. It became keenly obvious that I need a broader point of view in conducting activities in reproductive health, which is my specialty. I am proceeding with my education in the doctorate program now. With more competent skills and knowledge in epidemiology and statistics, I would like to conduct research in the field again. I recommend that you also find your own significant point of view through the curriculum of this school.