Messages from Graduates

Atsushi Matsusue 2nd year student, Graduate School of International Health Development

2014_2I was prompted to become involved in international health when I joined the JOCV as a nurse. While I was drawn to the appeal of international cooperation through this work, I had many unpleasant experiences because working in the field required skills and knowledge that are different from what I gained in Japan. This is why I decided to enroll in this course.
During the first year, I had the opportunity to study the basics in a wide range of fields related to international health under the guidance of instructors who played active roles in various parts of the world. I had a fulfilling year as I was allowed to experience things that I was completely unaware of, including what skills I lacked and what kinds of knowledge and skills were required to work in the international field.
This year, I am going to do a long-term internship at the national NGO Plan International Kenya. I will work hard for eight months to convert the knowledge that I gained in the classroom to skills that can be utilized in practical settings as I work along with people from various countries.