Messages from Graduates

Kensuke MINAMI

I am Kensuke Minami.
Looking back over the past year, I feel like one year went by so fast.
It’s my precious memory to study, eat, and talk with international students.
As for lectures, we learned the basis of epidemiology and statistics in Autumn term. It helped us for implementing research. In lectures related to global health, I got new perspectives I have not known. We have lots of tropical medicine classes in Spring term, so the schedule was tight, but we had not only basic lectures but also online case conferences with overseas hospitals, special seminars by visiting lecturers from overseas, and some practicals we examined mosquitos or parasites’ eggs with microscope. Those were very exciting and helpful.
My research was to investigate the pattern of cytokines released by lymphocytes with mycobacterial antigen stimulation in non-tuberculous mycobacterial patients. Originally I was working as a clinician, and I have never done research. Conducting the experiment, analyzing the result, and writing thesis were really inspiring for me. And I got the good opportunity to review the immune system human beings have.
I think this course was beneficial because we learned tropical medicine and global health from various viewpoints.