Short-term Field Trip 

The field trip of about two weeks will be conducted in the spring session of the first year. Students will be able to learn about the health system. They will visit various government and non-government organizations and health/research project sites to observe the conditions of the healthcare service delivery being implemented by such organizations. The field trip will give students the opportunity to recognize and connect knowledge gained on campus with the real-life situations encountered. Along with these insights, new skills and experiences, their new found empirical knowledge is expected to contribute to enabling them to apply themselves to subsequent research proposal development, internship applications, as well as benefiting their future careers in global health.

2009-2014 Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC)

2016-2019 Philippines San Lazaro Hospital, WHO/WPRO, JICA(Philippines Office), etc.

2021-2022 Japan Kumamoto Prefecture (Prefectural Government, National Institute for Minamata Disease, etc.) and Nagasaki Prefecture (Goto City Office, Goto Public Health Center, etc.)

(*Field trip destinations are determined by local safety and risk information)

Field Trip Poster(2019)

Field Health Service Information System
Community Health
Teenage Pregnancy
Health System
Mental Health
National Tuberculosis Control Program

Field Trip Poster(2018)

Community HealthCommunity Health Health SystemHealth System EPIEPI

Field Trip Reports (2009-2017)

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