Assistant Professor Kensuke Takahashi

Speciality / Research theme / Keywords
Infectious Disease, Clinical medicine, Humanitarian supports, Emergency medicine, General physician
Masters ProgrammeDoctoral Programme


Medical Doctor, Ph.D., Fellowship of Japanese Society of Internal Medicine General Physician, Certificated Specialist of Infectious Diseases – The Japanese Association of Infectious Diseases

Personal/work Web page addresses



Assistant Professor, Acute & Critical Care Unit, Nagasaki University Hospital
Medical Doctor, Nagasaki Harbor Medical Center
Board, Médecins Sans Frontières Japan


2006 Medical School of Hirosaki University
2014 Médecins Sans Frontières (Ethiopia)
2015 Ph.D., Graduate school of Biomedical sciences, Nagasaki University
2015 – present Assistant professor, Nagasaki University
2021 – present Faculty staff, School of TMGH, Nagasaki University


Travel medicine, Case conference of Tropical Diseases


Respiratory diseases in Vietnam, Congenital Rubella Syndrome, Clinical management of COVID-19

The country/countries where you work currently

Japan, Philippine, Vietnam

Five MOST IMPORTANT/INTERESTING recent publications

  • K, Dang DA, Moriuchi H. Hepatitis B virus infection among pregnant mothers and
    children after the introduction of the universal vaccination program in Central
    Vietnam. Sci Rep. 2021 Apr 21;11(1):8676.
  • Sugimoto T, Takahashi K, Matsui K, Asada M, Kaneko O, Ariyoshi K. A Japanese
    man with malaria tests negative for fever after spending 6 months in rural
    Kenya. Trop Med Health. 2020 Jun 24;48:52.
  • Haidar MK, Vogt F, Takahashi K, Henaff F, Umphrey L, Morton N, Bawo L,
    Kerkula J, Ferner R, Porten K, Baud FJ. Suspected paracetamol overdose in
    Monrovia, Liberia: a matched case-control study. BMC Pediatr. 2020 Mar
  • Le Polain De Waroux O, Edmunds WJ, Takahashi K, Ariyoshi K, Mulholland EK, Goldblatt D, Choi YH, Anh DD, Yoshida LM, Flasche S. Predicting the impact of pneumococcal
    conjugate vaccine programme options in Vietnam. Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2018;14(8):1939-1947.
  • Toizumi M, Motomura H, Vo HM, Takahashi K, Pham E, Nguyen HA, Le TH, Hashizume M, Ariyoshi K, Dang DA, Moriuchi H, Yoshida LM. Mortality associated with pulmonary hypertension in congenital rubella syndrome. Pediatrics. 2014 Aug;134(2):e519-26
  • Takahashi K, Suzuki M, Minh le N, Anh NH, Huong LT, Son TV, Long PT, Ai NT, Tho le H, Morimoto K, Kilgore PE, Anh DD, Ariyoshi K, Yoshida LM. The incidence and aetiology of hospitalised community-acquired pneumonia among Vietnamese adults: a prospective surveillance in Central Vietnam. BMC Infect Dis. 2013 Jul 1;13:296.


I’m keen in fusion of the clinical medicine and the research, as well as removing the border between domestic and global health. Now I’m straggling with “Evaluation of medical quality in humanitarian activities”.