Q10. What are the differences between the three courses?

A10. The Tropical Medicine Course is a one year Master’s course for doctors, designed to cultivate research-minded clinicians in tropical medicine. Both the International Health Development Course and The Health Innovation Course are Master’s courses of two-years’ duration for medical and non-medical students. The International Health Development course will train practical experts in international cooperation and global health, and hold an eight-month internship in a low or middle-income country in the second year to nurture the skills necessary for the management of projects and organizations. On the other hand, although the Health Innovation course does not differ from the two-year MPH Master’s course in regards to accepting students with science or liberal arts backgrounds, this course will cultivate the knowledge required for hands-on research that is helpful in the field of international health and cooperation. It will train research-oriented professionals who can collaborate with other fields. For further details, please refer to the web page for each course.