Training professionals to contribute to solving world health problems

Along with the globalization of the economy, industry, and mass migrations in the 21st century, problems relating to the natural and social environment have also become globalized. In particular, infectious diseases, mental health issues and lifestyle related illnesses are influenced by changes in our environment. In order to tackle such issues, a new concept of "Global Health" is crucial for transcending cultural and regional boundaries. Tropical Medicine and Global Health research aims to go beyond the existing academic boundaries, using a new comprehensive approach to solve world health problems and train new professionals in "Global Health" who can be called upon internationally for this purpose.


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Nagasaki University and LSHTM exchanged the Memorandum of Understanding in 2013, and since then, both universities have actively been continuing partnership by conducting collaborative research and exchanging researchers. In 2014, two world-class professors were seconded to Nagasaki University and in 2015, School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health (TMGH) was established in collaboration with LSHTM. To consolidate international collaboration and to develop research students who are competent independent researchers in global health, TMGH and LSHTM have established the new Joint PhD degree programme in Global Health, which started in October 2018.