A cross-sectoral and collaborative event on the theme of global health was held

A cross-sectoral / collaborative event on the theme of global health (international health) was co-held by Professor Sharon Cox (School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health) and Assistant Professor Tadanori Fujino (Office for Global Relations) at the Bunkyo Campus Student Hall on Thursday, 12 December 2019.

Global health is an academic field that requires cross-disciplinary efforts and a comprehensive approach to various health issues that surround people. In 2018, Nagasaki University’s ” Global Health Elite Programme for Building a Healthier World ” was selected for the WISE program by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). The joint doctoral degree programme with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, centering on the School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health, is also well underway. This event was organized by Nagasaki University in its capacity as a university with various faculties within the humanities and the sciences, graduate schools, and centers that work together on health issues in Japan and the world. There were forty-one participants in all who joined from the following schools:  Graduate School of Fisheries and Environmental Sciences; the School of Global Humanities and Social Sciences; the Graduate School of Engineering; the Office for Global Relations; the School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health (TMGH); the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences; and the Faculty of Economics. On the day, the event was in the form of workshops conducted in English. There was a group for eco-health in Cambodia led by Associate Professor Yuzuru Utsunomiya and consisting of faculty members of the Faculty of Fisheries and Environmental Sciences. The topic was “What are the conditions to ensure healthy water and food resources sustainably? Supra -ecohealth research in the Lower Mekong River”.  Ten people (see list below) also gave presentations on the connection between their own research and global health, including the introduction of the LAVICORD Project in Lake Victoria, Kenya in 2014-2016.  Finally, Professor Cox summarized the areas and themes for cross-disciplinary research, and the potential of Nagasaki University to contribute to global health.

(Left) Prof. Wada of the Faculty of Fisheries presents the Cambodian initiatives

(Right) Coordinator Ms. Yamaura introduces health issues in the SDGs.


(Left) The Dean of TMGH gives the opening speech.

(Right) Professor Cox gives her summary.


List of Presenters

1Professor Minoru WadaFaculty of FisheriesEcoHealth Approach in Cambodia – Mekong River project
2Associate Professor Satoru KomatsuSchool of Global Humanities and Social SciencesWater for life: Development initiatives for Global Health
3Professor Tomoaki Itayama

Graduate School of Engineering

Toxic water bloom treatment in Lake Victoria (Kenya)
4Coordinator Kimiyo Yamaura Strategy staffOffice for Global RelationsSDGs and Nagasaki University
5Assistant Professor Taro UedaGraduate School of EngineeringDeveloping a new sensor for Malaria detection
6Professor Masanari KimuraGraduate School of EngineeringDevelopment of synthetic production of bioactives
7Professor Hideki NakayamaFaculty of Environmental ScienceEnvironmental biotechnology for waste recycling
8Associate Professor CHRIS NG FOOK SHENGSchool of Tropical Medicine and Global HealthEnvironmental epidemiology in Global Health
9Assistant Professor Keiko SatoGraduate School of Biomedical SciencesPeridontal health in Global Health
10Benjamin Faguer
Specially Appointed Researcher
School of Tropical Medicine and Global HealthInventing digital solutions for Global Health
11Assistant Professor
Fritz Robinson Enrique
Faculty of EconomicsForeign language and intercultural development

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