Video clips by JICA which TMGH have helped shoot is now available on YouTube JICA-Net channel.

The video “Response of Japan and JICA to the COVID-19 and Other Public Health Risks”, in which the Graduate School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health, Institute of Tropical Medicine, and Nagasaki University Hospital have helped shoot by JICA, is now available. In response to the spread of COVID-19 infections around the world, this video was created as a multimedia teaching aid to organize Japan’s experience and knowledge to date and share it with countries around the world. In the wake of the outbreak of the COVID-19 infections, Japan has managed to keep the number of cases and deaths to a certain level, and its measures have been recognised worldwide. This video introduces the characteristics of Japan’s response and JICA’s efforts on the COVID-19 pandemic and is intended for use in various training projects.

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“Response of Japan and JICA to the COVID-19 and Other Public Health Risks”
Japanese ver.
English ver.

The Japanese and English versions are currently available, with digest, Spanish and French versions to follow.

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