Long-term Practicum

The eight-month long-term practicum Program during the second year is the most important portion of this course in achieving the educational goal of this School (compulsory). Students utilize the knowledge they learned in the first year to acquire practical capabilities at international organizations in which students apply for an internship, JICA projects, international NGOs and Nagasaki University’s overseas research stations.
Of the eight months of long-term practicum, the first five months will be spent on practical training at the dispatched location while the last three months will be spent on research activities at either the dispatched project region or a region of the student’s choice.


As a general rule, students are expected to have sufficient funds to cover their own expenses during the
long-term practicum. Below are the average expense costs for these trainings:

・ Long-term practicum (8 months) JPY 250,000 ~ JPY 450,000

Long-term Internship Locations

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(As of June 12th, 2020)