Professor Tsunenori Aoki

Speciality / Research theme / Keywords
Global Health, Health Systems, Development Assistance, Project Management
Masters Programme





  • Master of Public Health, Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, Belgium, 2008
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences, Department of Social Sciences, Waseda University, Japan, 1999
  • Internship, UNDP Tokyo Office, Japan, 1998-1999


  • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), 1999-2020

Director of Health Group1, Human Development Department of JICA HQ, 2019- 2020.
I engaged in implementation of development assistance for 20 years.
– Project management in Asia and Pacific, Middle East and Europe, Africa, and Latin America (※)
– Global partnership with the World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Japanese enterprises and universities, tec.
– Expert to Myanmar (2003 – 2005, JICA Project Formulation Advisor) and Ghana (2014-2017. JICA Community Health Policy Advisor at Ghana Health Service (GHS))

※ China (2001-2003. EPI/Polio, PHC, Rehabilitation, and Drug Safety) Mongolia (2011-2014. Medical Education, Hospital) Uzbekistan (2005-2007. Medical equipment) Tajikistan (2005-2007. Medical equipment) Myanmar (2001-2005. EPI, HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, Leprosy, MCH) Cambodia (2005-2007. Hospital) Vietnam (2005-2007. Hospital) Pacific island countries (2001-2003. Lymphatic Filariasis and Waste Management) Pakistan (2001-2014. Polio and EPI. 2005-2007.Medical equipment) India (2005-2007. Hospital) Iran (2018-2020. NCD, Ageing, Hospital) Ukraine (2005-2007. Medical equipment) Jordan (2005-2007. Medical equipment) Syria (2005-2007. Medical equipment) Egypt (2018-2020. UHC) Sierra Leone (2018-2020. MCH) Tanzania (2018-2020. Hospital) Kenya (2018-2020. UHC, MCH) Niger (2005-2007. Hospital) Malawi (2005-2007. Hospital) Mexico (2018-2020. NCD, Ageing) Guatemala (2011-2014. MCH, Nutrition, Chagas. 2005-2007. Hospital) El Salvador (2011-2014. Chagas. 2005-2007. Hospital.) Cuba (2018-2020. NCD) Guyana (2005-2007. Hospital) Paraguay (2011-2014. PHC-NCD) Chile (2018-2020. Ageing. 2011-2014. NCD) Peru (2011-2014. Mental Health) Bolivia (2011-2014. MCH) Brazil (2018-2019. Mycosis), etc.


Department of International Cooperation, Graduate School of Toyo Eiwa Jyogakuin University (Lecture), Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies, Kyusyu University (Lecture), JICA Capacity Building Training (Lecture), TMGH, Nagasaki University (Seminar), Jichi Medical University (Seminar), etc.


Development Assistance (Lecture), Project Management (Training), Internship and Global Professional Career (Consultation)


Global Health, Health Systems, Development Assistance, Project Management, Partnership

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Five MOST IMPORTANT/INTERESTING recent publications

  • Abe, Aoki, Ashida, Ishii, Kodera, (2013) Japan’s Experience with Human Resources for Health Policies. JICA.


Let us working together for the health and welfare of people in the world with cool heads but warm hearts.