Assistant Professor Bumpei Tojo

Speciality / Research theme / Keywords
Area Studies, Geographic Information System, Statistical modeling
Masters Programme


PhD, Area Studies


2001-2008: PhD, Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
2008-2013: Researcher, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan
2013-2016: Project Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo Hospital
2013-2016: Long-term expert, JICA/SATREPS (Bangladesh)
2016-2017: Project Researcher, The University of Tokyo Center for Spatial Information Science
2018-present: Assistant Professor, School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health, Nagasaki University


Nagasaki University, TMGH Master course


  • Integrated practice of field science (mosquito survey, spatial epidemiological analysis, area studies) that contributes to monkey-malaria control from the perspective of eco-health in Sabah province, Malaysia
  • Surveillance and spatial epidemiological studies of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Sri Lanka
  • Study on the actual condition and impact of peat swamp forest fires in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • Statistical modeling study for generating multiple NTDs epidemic maps in Africa

The country/countries where you work currently

Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Japan

Five MOST IMPORTANT/INTERESTING recent publications

  1. Miyazaki K, Nozaki I, Tojo B, Moji K. 2020. Assessing the feasibility of introducing an electronic health information system into Tuberculosis clinics and laboratories in Myanmar. Global Health & Medicine 2
  2. Sato S, Tojo B, Hoshi T, Lis LFM, Omar KK, Nelbon G, Kamruddin A, Saffree MJ, Moji K, Kita K. 2019. Recent Incidence of Human Malaria Caused by Plasmodium knowlesi in the Villages in Kudat Peninsula, Sabah, Malaysia: Mapping of The Infection Risk Using Remote Sensing Data International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 16 (2954)
  3. Hoshi T, Victor AB, Sato S, Thomas A, Tojo B, Masuda G, Kaneko S, Moji K, Jolyon M. Medlock & James GL. 2019. Field testing of a lightweight, inexpensive, and customisable 3D-printed mosquito light trap in the UK Scientific Reports 9 (11412)
  4. Takagi H, Yahathugoda TC, Tojo B, Rathnapala UL, Nagaoka F, Weerasooriya MV, Itoh M. 2019. Surveillance of Wuchereria bancrofti infection by anti-filarial IgG4 in urine among schoolchildren and molecular xenomonitoring in Sri Lanka: a post mass drug administration study. Tropical medicine and health 47(39)
  5. Rahman MA, Yahathugoda TC, Tojo B, Premaratne P, Nagaoka F, Takagi H, Kannathasan S, Murugananthan A, Weerasooriya MV, Itoh M. 2018. A surveillance system for lymphatic filariasis after its elimination in Sri Lanka. Parasitology International 68(1) 73-78


It is important to “learn from the field” in both area studies and global health. Let’s learn together the real pleasure of learning from the field.