Messages from Graduates

Tomonori Hoshi, 1st year student, Graduate School of International Health Development

    2010_3Hello, my name is Tomonori Hoshi. I chose this Graduate School because after graduating from the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of the Ryukyus, I was looking for an excellent educational environment with on-site experience learning. I don’t have any overseas work experience, but I believe that my enthusiasm for international healthcare will make up for it later. The Graduate School of International Health Development aims to cultivate human resources who will flourish in hands-on field activities in the future. Here, students can study a variety of courses such as tropical medicine, maternal-fetal medicine, cultural anthropology, statistics, epidemiology, demography, and economics in order to nurture a multidirectional perspective necessary when working on-site. Further, there are lectures by Japan’s leading professors of tropical medicine. In addition, there are frequent visits by outside lecturers, and establishing a wide network of contacts here as well as to directly hear stories of on-site experiences is more valuable than anything I can read in a textbook. Its great environment is the main characteristic of this Graduate School. Since it is only three years old, I’m sure there are many improvements to be made. But, this is a vibrant Graduate School where professors are very enthusiastic, striving to be better and reaching along with the students toward the same goal. If you want to make international contributions, this Graduate School is definitely the place for you. I look forward to meeting you all in the future.