Research Ethics

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Office


    • TMGH IRB will review research proposals from faculty members and students, which involves human subjects within and outside Japan.
    • Applicants must submit the application form with all the documents needed to the IRB office in General Affairs Section.

Schedule for Review

*Schedule for 2020 is listed below. (We will frequently update it as we set the exact date)
*If an urgent review is required due to a natural disaster or other events, it will be held as appropriate according to the chairman’s judgment.

Schedule for Review(TBD)
Deadline for Application
The 1st review: June 2020 May 8th,2020(Fri)
The 2nd review: September 2020 August 24th, 2020(Mon)
The 3rd review: October 2020
(Only the expedited review will be held)
October 2nd,2020(Fri)
The 4th review: January 2021 December 4th,2020(Fri)
The 5th review: February 2021
(Only the expedited review will be held)
February 5th,2020(Fri)

Application Forms

*Check section 10. List of attached documents on the last page of the Academic and Ethics Application Forms for Research Proposal and if applicable, submit the attached documents.
*All the attached documents should be combined into one file in PDF format. Therefore, submitted documents will be only two – the application form and the combined PDF document. Otherwise, the application may not be accepted.
*Please use the latest version of application form, which is version 4.1 as of 11 August 2020.


The General Affairs Section of TMGH
TEL: +81 – (0)95 – 819 – 7803