I am Yannick Munyeku, a Medical Doctor working for the DR Congo Ministry of Health. I went to Japan through JICA ABE Initiative as part of the human resources capacity building program. As a TMGH student, I had a rich and diverse experience. Courses were designed and taught to provide to students relevant knowledge to efficiently and comprehensively deal with global health issues across the globe and in developing countries specifically. As a MTM student, I have been able to strengthen and acquire competitive skills in biomedical research, epidemiology and clinical management of Infectious diseases while networking with colleagues, researchers, clinicians and academia from all over the world. I strongly recommend TMGH to health professionals who would like to endlessly work for a safer world where nobody is left behind.

Shafiq Siitaさん

As an employee of a social health insurance organization in Ghana, the need to have higher education in health financing and public health in general to better appreciate the socio-economic factors that influence health inequities (or equity) especially in less resourced countries was very apparent. Where to have that education, however, was not as much obvious. Well, that was, until my research discovered the School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health, Nagasaki University.
Nagasaki University was a perfect match for me as its two-year public health course has a wide variety of courses handled by expert and skilled professors and allows students to select courses to fit their career aspirations or interest. The diversity in my class was very interesting and allowed for diversity in ideas and discussions on global health issues which helped me to appreciate how health challenges in different settings may require different health policy responses for effective resolution. However, the most appealing feature of the MPH program at the School for me is the requirement for students to undertake internship at reputable international global health organizations. This affords students the opportunity to practice, under the supervision and guidance of practicing global health experts, the theories and concepts they learn in the classroom. Of course, I can never forget the fulfilling and enriching learning and working experience I had at the Western Pacific Regional Office of the WHO in the Philippines during my internship there.
Making a good choice of university for one’s postgraduate education in public health can be very challenging: Nagasaki university however made my decision quiet an easy one and I enjoyed every single day of my stay there.

増田 智里さん


南 建輔さん


Numair Tarek Abdelhamid Abdellatif Mohamedさん

graduates1I joined graduate school of Tropical Medicine and Global Health (TMGH) as a member of the MSc family – Innovative course. For two years, I have been learning the latest sciences in Global Health and medical sciences. I applied my gained knowledge to support and develop electronic health system in Egypt (my hometown country). All professors, colleagues and administrative staff supported us as students and as member of TMGH family. The learning experience in TMGH was professional, motivated, and inspiring as it enhanced my skills and abilities to think globally and in a comprehensive manner.
During my study, Professor Satoshi Kaneko (my supervisor) taught me a lot, not only science but also manners and way of thinking. Really, I am honored to learn from him a lot and to be one of the MSc graduates in TMGH. Such mixed educative family environment makes TMGH as a unique graduate school for Global Health pioneers.

井ノ口 美穂さん

graduates1過去に経験した国際人道支援活動を通しグローバルヘルスという観点は世界の災害や紛争、貧困に直面している人々の生活改善において主な懸念事項だと感じています。 本コースのプログラムでは地理的および経済的境界の限界を越えて、感染症および生活習慣病の分野における幅広いトピックを扱いながら基本的な知識やアプローチスキルを学ぶ機会を得る事が出来ました。
2年間のコースでは、熱帯医学やグローバルヘルスのさまざまな側面を学ぶための講義や実験研究を行う機会を得る事ができました。これらの経験は脆弱な集団への効果的な介入を行うために実験研究と臨床・地域社会間のより詳細で親密なやりとりが行われる必要性を強く感じると共に、その難しさも学ぶ機会となりました。また異なる国籍、専門、年齢、価値観を持つ級友や先生方との交流は違う集団に対し 必要とされる問題解決のための適切な アプローチ方法を考える機会ともなり、共に学んだ時間は大変 貴重な財産だと 感じています。
今後は国際人道支援、開発協力の分野において学び得た知識やスキル、経験を 所属組織や 介入を必要としている世界中の脆弱な人たちのために役立てていきたいと考えています。

鎭目 琢也さん

graduates1 長崎大学熱帯医学・グローバルヘルス研究科国際健康開発コース1期生(2015.10~2017.09)の鎭目琢也です。

市野 紗登美さん


望月 恒太さん

私は顧みられない熱帯病の一つであるシャーガス病に興味を持ち,ボリビアとニカラグアへ行く機会をいただきました。ボリビアでは病院見学,カルテ情報の収集,血液サンプルのDNA 抽出を行いました。ニカラグアでは,シャーガス病を媒介するサシガメの家屋調査に同行させていただきました。良くも悪くも現地の実情がよくわかり勉強になりました。帰国後はMTM,MPh,MSc 同期とお互いの活動報告なども楽しめます。講義に関してはロンドン大学衛生・熱帯医学校との連携や著名な学内外の先生方が内容の濃い話をしてくださるので間違いなくハイレベルです。今後自分は長崎大学で博士課程に進学予定ですが,他の同期は臨床復帰や国際機関なども考えているようで選択肢は多岐に渡ります。MTM楽しいですよ。

Gavicho Lindo Celestinoさん

graduates1MY name’s Gavicho Lindo Celestino, from Mozambique.After graduated at Faculty of Medicine, I worked as clinician at districtal hospital and simultaneously as administrative manager of the hospital and as clinical director, coordinating clinical activities all over the district with 15 health centers. I entered in Nagasaki University supported by ABE Initiative (African Business and Education for youth Initiative).


As MTM (Master of Tropical Medicine) I experienced four main pillars:

  1. View of global medicine
  2. As clinician how to conduct clinical cases focused in tropical or infectious disease.
  3. Introduction of research, it was first experience and it motivate me to continue doing research as clinician.
  4. Laboratory work for diagnosis.

I hope that from this very important experience and learning I achieved I’ll continue to combine clinical and research to meet the needs of health in the community.

Really the Nagasaki University – TMGH, is a Center of Human Building for Tomorrow.

(MINISTRY OF HEALTH, Provincial Directorate of Health in Zambézia- Mozambique)

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