Desired Candidates

Desired Candidates


Students who have a strong interest and willingness to work in the global health field, multicultural integration, coordination, leadership, and possess the ability to communicate efficiently in the foreign language needed for the professional field.

Preferred experience:

  • MTM: Students with a doctor’s license (a doctor’s license from a foreign country also accepted).
    Students with 2 or more years of clinical or corresponding experience.

  • MPH: Although not strictly required, we prefer students with work experience (in Japan or abroad, the employment position doesn’t matter), and has community service experience (volunteer).
    After graduating from a valid education institution (university, nursing schools, etc.) the student has experience working with organizations such as JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers), NGOs, government agencies, or in the private sector (in Japan or abroad).

  • MSc: Students with diverse backgrounds. No special work experience needed.

    Specific Attributes of Desired Candidates


    1. Willingness to contribute to the promotion of global peace and human health.
    2. Ability to be active internationally (capable of communication in English, multicultural integration and showing leadership skills).
    3. Ability and practice of self-reflection.
    4. Proficiency in a foreign language to communicate in professional fields.
    5. Basic knowledge relating to international health expected of bachelor degree holders.
    6. Shows a strong interest and desire to work towards international cooperation in the global health sector.