Call for Papers for the Special Issue in “Transdisciplinary Studies in Planetary Health” of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Dear colleagues,

Planetary health is becoming an overarching topic of transdisciplinary studies in assessing planetary dynamics and their direct and indirect effects on human health. The complexity of these planetary dynamics require more novel transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches exploring the plausibility of the hypotheses and generating evidence to be utilized in crafting evidence-based policies safeguarding both individual health and that of society. Planetary health transcends various topics, which include but are not limited to: climate change (temperature) and health (of vulnerable populations; e.g., children and older adults), air pollution epidemiology, vector epidemiology, climate-sensitive diseases, local/regional/national health system resilience, climate and nutrition epidemiology, urban planning and health, and occupational health, among others. We invite everyone across disciplines to contribute to this Special Issue, aiming to enrich both current evidence and explore future possibilities in the context of planetary health. We particularly welcome studies coming from developing countries or regional locations (e.g., South-East Asia) where evidence is scarce.

Dr. Xerxes Tesoro Seposo
Dr. Chris Fook Sheng Ng
Dr. Lina Madaniyazi
Guest Editors

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