Exchange of Academic Agreement Between Nagasaki University and Bachmai Hospital of Vietnam

Exchange of Academic Agreement Between Nagasaki University and Bachmai Hospital of Vietnam

(8 March 2016)

Bach-Mai-HospitalAn Academic Agreement was exchanged between Nagasaki University and Bachmai Hospital on March 2nd, 2016.

The signing ceremony was held in a reception room at Bachmai Hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam. Prof. Yamashiro, Director of Nagasaki University’s Vietnam Station, and Prof. Ngo Quy Chau, Vice Director of Bachmai Hospital, shared the documents of the Agreement, to which Dr. Shigeru Katamine, president of Nagasaki University, and Dr. Nguyen Quoc Anh, Director of Bachmai Hospital, had signed their names.

During the speech by Prof. Yamashiro given during the ceremony it was noted that the collaboration between Nagasaki University and Bachmai Hospital began in 2009 when a medical doctor from the Infectious Disease Department of Bachmai Hospital came to Nagasaki University to study (Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Master of Tropical Medicine Course). Since then, the hospital has contributed to giving MTM students clinical case lectures through video-conference every year, and supervising the training and research conducted by MTM students at the hospital. In addition, Prof. Yamashiro mentioned the hope to further deepen the relationship between Nagasaki University and BachMai Hospital in our research areas.

Vice Director Chau added that Bachmai Hospital, as the largest (with 1900 beds) and most vital hospital in northern Vietnam, continues to grow with support from Japan. On top of that, thanks to the cooperation with Nagasaki University Institute of Tropical Medicine for the past ten years, development has revolved around the Hostpital’s Infectious Disease Departmen. Looking into the future with continued dedication to the specialties of each partner and beyond it would be possible and expected to expand cooperation into other fields as well.

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